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Educación: Puntos de vista y teorías

Educación: Puntos de vista y teorías

Autor: Jaime Andrés Beltrán Bernal 

Editor: MT-Pallantia Publisher s.a.s. 

NIT: 901.469.254-6 

ISSBN: 978-628-95372-0-8 

DOI: 10.34294/b.001.2023.05

Language: Spanish

Page number: 105

Santiago de Cali - Colombia 2023


Today I want to share with all of you this text, product of my Master of Education studies at the University of Arts and Social Sciences (U-ARCIS) of Chile. with this I want present some fundamental concepts within the framework of education, both nationally and internationally; So as the approaches of various authors belonging to this field.

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Beltrán Bernal J.A. Educación: Teorías y Puntos de Vista. MT-Pallantia Publisher s.a.s., Santiago de Cali (Colombia), 105 p.

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